Book ReviewLifestyleVOLUME 16 ISSUE # 19

The Disappearing Act

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, carrying 239 passengers, disappeared into the night, never to be seen or heard from again. The incident was inexplicable. In a world defined by advanced technology and interconnectedness, how could an entire aircraft become untraceable?Had the flight been subject to a perfect hijack? Perhaps the pilots lost control?And if the plane did crash, where was the wreckage? Writing for Le Monde in the days and months after the plane’s disappearance, journalist Florence de Changy closely documented the chaotic international investigation that followed, uncovering more ques-tions than answers. Riddled with inconsistencies, contradictions and a lack of basic communication between authorities, the mystery sur-rounding flight MH370 only deepened.
Now, de Changy offers her own explanation. Drawing together count-less eyewitness testimonies, press releases, independent investigative reports and expert opinion, The Disappearing Act offers an eloquent and deeply unnerving narrative of what happened to the missing air-craft. An incredible feat of investigative journalism and a testament to de Changy’s tenacity and resolve, this book is an exhaustive, gripping account into one of the most profound mysteries of the 21st century.