You ViewsVolume 13 Issue # 17

Country on autopilot

THIS country is running on autopilot. There is no proper planning or vision for development. There is no institution or department that is going to plan for progress; most departments are working according to the pre-1947 methodology.

We can become a developed country only if we have proper vision and dreams. Former US president Obama once said: “I do not want just the same old crowd in Washington who do the same old things the same old way. Change would be the dominant factor.”

We cannot achieve any progress using the same methods as we have for 70 years. Allam Iqbal saw a dream of a separate country. This dream gave direction and a path to the Muslims of the subcontinent. Quaid-i-Azam turned the dream into a reality.

Unfortunately, our present leadership is without any vision and dream for the nation. Each party is selling its own theory for getting a majority in parliament and Senate. Our leadership should think for the country and the people. “Opportunities are always for those who are fully prepared, and for those who are independent-minded, aspiring and persevering,” said Xi Jinping.

Malik Umar Draz Awan