You ViewsVolume 13 Issue # 11

Electricity bills

AT a time when businesses are on the decline, and the prices of all the commodities are climbing very high, it has become difficult for a middle class family to survive.

People who were doing well in business till recent times were forced to quit their business as it became difficult for them to meet their everyday expenditure, let alone make any savings.

Many middle class people are stuck in the quagmire of economic hardship and find no way to come out of it.

In such a situation, Lahore Electric Supply Company has become the tax-collector of medieval times for the people. The utility distributes the electricity bill literally at the eleventh hour, caring not a whit of how people with modest means will pay the bill.

It is requested the bill distribution be managed by the authorities in a manner to allow consumers ample time to pay.

Abid Hafeez