You ViewsVolume 12 Issue # 15

GSP plus

After going through the report on Generalised System of Preferential (GSP+), the exports of Pakistan from January to December 2016 were Euro 6.272bn and imports from all EU countries were Euro 5.292 in 2016. Thus exports earnings were only Euro 0.980bn. This shows a meagre increase, which must be examined in depth. The main purpose for getting GSP+ is fading.

I suggest that our commerce ministry must take it seriously and must address all bottlenecks in the way of enhancing exports. All stakeholders, including FPPCI, TDAP and the commerce ministry, must be on one page to boost exports so that benefits of GSP+ remain intact in future. Moreover, there should be no compromise on the quality of products — both finished products and perishable commodities. Also, their packing must be ensured. Thus, concerted efforts by all stakeholders are needed to revitalise exports in future.

Engr. Riaz Akbar

Wah Cantt