You ViewsVolume 13 Issue # 01

Gulalai’s allegations

Parkinson’s law of triviality suggests that there is a tendency among humans to discuss trivial things while avoiding the crucial ones. The recent case of Ayesha Gulalai is an example of this argument. If we boil down her press conference, Gulalai laid three main accusations: 1) the ill treatment and underrepresentation of women in PTI, 2) Imran Khan’s intraparty favouritism, and 3) rampant corruption by KP Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak and Jahangir Tareen. Other comments can be categorised under these core accusations. These are serious allegations coming from a parliamentarian and a PTI insider. It exposes the frailties of the party and a potential corruption scandal And yet, all one can talk about are the “inappropriate text messages” sent by Khan to Gulalai. Sexual harassment is an appalling form of conduct. Reportedly, more than 50 per cent of women are harassed at their workplace every day in Pakistan. Thus, any woman who gathers courage and comes forward with her plight is commendable. It should be looked into. But shall we overlook everything else?

Arhum Tariq Butt