Health/Sci-TechVolume 12 Issue # 09

Interiors Four refreshing modern bedroom design ideas

1)A Colour Story
Start by establishing a colour story for your bedroom. Which hues inspire you to rest and rejuvenate? This doesn’t mean the space should put you to sleep, but you definitely want to enjoy the colour combinations involved. Add colour combinations that you like such as blue and green or orange and yellow.You can also use an accent wall to convey your colour story, and a two-tone approach can be very refreshing, especially when white is one of the hues involved!

2) Bedding Basics
Bedding matters. After all, the purpose of your bedroom is to create a space where you can truly rest. Don’t skimp on bedding. Make quality bedding a priority, even if it means hunting for bargains at a good sale.White is a great color for bedding that rests against a dark wall, in fact, we’ve seen a lot of white bedding this autumn. Worried about it being too plain? Jazz up white bedding with cushions and throw overs of different colors.In fact, solid pillowcases in vibrant hues can transform a bedding set featuring neutral tones.

3) Fun Accents
Don’t forget to have some fun with your design! Add a few unexpected accents, such as bold pendant lighting or a bed with a bright headboard. Give a bedroom furnishing a makeover for a fresh take on an old piece! You can also introduce pattern through a tapestry or large piece of wall art. That way, you don’t have to commit to the cost or large-scale workload involved in installing wallpaper.

4) Soothing Statements
Last, but not least, we end this article with a look at a few soothing statements that can make a big difference in the boudoir. A sculptural floral arrangement is always a special treat, especially when it comes to modern style.A large tropical plant adds instant style, especially if a nearby mirror can reflect the leaves, compunding the breezy effect!Try an orchid for a dramatic statement. This plant works well in glamorous bedrooms. Another soothing touch: floor-to-ceiling draperies! They are elegant, they draw the eye upward, and they are functional, as light can be kept to a minimum when you need to take a quick daytime nap.

Will you be trying out any of today’s bedroom design ideas this season?