InternationalVolume 12 Issue # 09

Money Parks

Nawaz can be credited for creating the Money Parks. That is, where money is parked. These are a safe haven for illegal money, away from prying eyes of the taxman, and of the opposition.

It is, indeed, shocking that the Nawaz Sharif family has all its money abroad, and his sons and his property are also placed away from the Pakistani tax man. In these money parks. The Sharif family must be complemented for this invention, — the Money Park, that is, as the name suggests, a convenient place to store money. The Sharifs money is not invested in industries or even in banks or in other such mundane options. In the money park, invisibility is the main requirement. The Courts, and other institutions will find it difficult to follow the money trail, and with a compliant Income Tax department with a “look the other way air” the money shall remain undisturbed for as long as the family wishes. The chairman FBR should be immediately removed for not taking action against the “discovered” properties in Park Lane.
These are the true enemies of Pakistan, and the nation should fight them to the finish. The main crime that Nawaz has committed against Pakistan, is that of robbing the country, and parking his looted wealth outside Pakistan. Not just a portion, but all his loot. There are virtually no industries here, he has provided only a few jobs to benefit Pakistanis. One hospital. No universities. Just the blank holes left by the missing monies, the empty shells.
Nawaz cannot be forgiven for the vacuum he created by siphoning off money. Making it impossible for other Pakistanis to use through banks, because the money is sitting in parks away from the Pakistani banking system.

How can we encourage foreigners to invest in Pakistan when the Zardaris, Sharifs and Bhuttos do not do so? Their investments are abroad in London and Dubai and the US. These properties are high end, and most are used as money parks, for a better yield than the banks offer. These politicians should be punished for the movement of capital out of Pakistan, when the same capital is desperately needed in Pakistan to create jobs here. The capital the Sharifs have invested in the Park Lane apartments does not benefit any Pakistani, for to the best of my knowledge, no Pakistani other than the three Sharifs lives any where near Park Lane, so it does not benefit any Pakistani. Far better returns could be expected from a textile unit based in Pakistan, and this could provide at least two thousand jobs, certainly more than the cleaning ladies for the three apartments, or the concierges or doormen required. No, this is definitely a disservice to Pakistan, and should be considered an unfriendly act. The use of Pakistani funds outside Pakistan are to be examined from the point of view of the economic benefits to Pakistan from those same funds being placed within the country. Surely Pakistanis riding buses down Park Lane must be quite upset at the apartments being pointed out to them on a VIP grand tour. With a minuscule amount of income tax having been paid by the Sharifs on the property.

The crime committed by these families, by taking money out of circulation from the Pakistani financial system, is an attack on Pakistan itself, for depriving Pakistan of crucial capital. The Dubai government is regularly advertising glitzy apartments in Dubai and, not surprisingly, a large portion belongs to the Pakistani royal families. With each family owning multiple buildings in Dubai. These monies were smuggled out by actresses, some by fishing launch and other means. One such actress confessed to having made 41 trips for carrying these monies. And all were made unavailable for the Pakistani economy, by being removed from the Pakistani banking system. Stealing the money is itself reprehensible, but removing it from the use of other Pakistanis is doubly wrong, and the punishment should, thus, increase. When this robbery is committed by politicians then the crime is compounded. And the penalty should also be compounded.

Interestingly, most of the political families have comparatively fewer industrial investments in Pakistan, and their wealth, and its placement should be traced, and only then can the true love for Pakistan be measured. Many would be found guilty of anti-Pakistan behaviour, and should be disqualified, and imprisoned. Certainly their passports should be confiscated, and those with foreign nationalities prosecuted under relevant laws. Especially when those foreign passports were obtained by money stolen from Pakistan.