You ViewsVolume 13 Issue # 01

Motorway issues

EVER since the motorway became operational, I have travelled via Motorway M1 and M2 numerous times. The journey from Peshawar to Lahore that would take around nine hours has decreased to six hours only. It was indeed a huge relief and a matter of convenience. The newly-built road offered a safe and a refreshing journey with scenic views. Contrary to my previous experiences, the last time that I travelled to Lahore from Peshawar was a different story altogether. Initially, we had to pass through one entry intersection in Peshawar and one exit interchange in Lahore. It would be a matter of five minutes and we would get through. However, this time round, we had to endure the time-consuming process of passing through four intersections. The first one was the entry intersection from Peshawar. The second was the exit intersection from Islamabad. There was yet another intersection at Islamabad for the ones aiming to travel further. And eventually there was the final intersection at Lahore.This wasted at least half an hour. At the Islamabad entry intersection, irrespective of the destination, all the travellers had to wait in the same long queue. Time is the most valuable asset in today’s fast-paced world. The National Highway Authority needs to recognise this and take measures to let the travellers save time by subtracting the time wasted on two interchanges unnecessarily. Moreover, on the way from Peshawar to Islamabad, there are merely two resting stations. The level of hygiene on those stations is excruciatingly poor. Besides, there is no facility of standing commodes. Consequently, senior citizens and the disabled face a severe problem, while using the restroom.

Tanveer Ahmad