Health/Sci-TechVolume 12 Issue # 11

Realistic Food Resolutions for 2017

We’re two weeks into 2017, and one of the most exciting things about stepping into a new year is getting a fresh new start and to set new goals for oneself. And I can bet that I am not the only one who’s set a resolution to eat healthier and get into shape this year. Winter is a difficult time to eat clean, thanks to all the weddings and parties that offer all kinds of delicacies ranging from all the mouth-watering biryanis to lobster raviolis and those delicious warm bread puddings. But this year all that needs to be changed for good.

So this year instead of going on strict diets such as the Dukan, Vegan, and Cabbage soup, which we usually give up on after a week at the most. Thus, this year I’ve decided to invest in more realistic food resolutions, which will be a lot easier to follow and also more effective. So here are some easy food resolutions that will make 2017 a healthy and happy year

The Good Fats: In our quest to eat healthier and possibly lose those extra pounds, we keep on forgetting that “not all fats are bad”. In fact healthy fats are vital as they absorb vitamins, lower the risk of heart disease, boost our immune system, and even aid weight loss. Which means that foods like fish, avocados and coconut oil should be incorporated in your diet.

Eat Those Veggies: Eat your vegetables, is something that we’ve been hearing since childhood, but not all of us can stomach boring salads and roasted veggies. So to make your veggies more exciting try adding fun veggie recipes in your diet such as kale chips, veggie smoothies, or even a mix of fruit and veggie salads.

Plan Your Meals: Planning your meals, will ensure that you avoid last minute eating out or unhealthy binging. And it will also make you get healthier options readily ahead of your mealtime.

Breakfast Without Sugar: Cereal is definitely an easy breakfast but it contains high amounts of sugar. Instead, it’s easier to start your morning with healthy breakfast options such as oats, smoothies, egg white omelets etc. That will fill you up and energize you for the rest of the day.

Food Is Fun: In an effort to make our food healthier we often make it boring. Make an effort to make your food healthy but fun. All you need to do is add that dressing to your salads, a teaspoon of chocolate spread on your toast wouldn’t hurt either.

So, incorporate these easy habits in your daily routine, and start seeing the results.