FoodLifestyleVolume 13 Issue # 05

ThandaGaram … A Sensual Treat

Our desi palettes are often overstimulated by the junction of spices and the sheer richness of the food we consume on a daily basis. That’s not to say the experience of the rich aromatic desi food is anything but a tantalising one. Being  hard-core desis, we often forget to enjoy the palate cleansing property and undermine the subtlety of the lesser spiced foods in life. Recently opened ThandaGaram caters to a finer selective consumer base. It has already made a mark with those who can appreciate the slight nuances with a well-developed palate.


ThandaGaram has “health” in all their concoctions and creations. From the minute you step into the café, the burst of colour and energy from the vibrant and fresh tones of the interior have a very pleasing and calming effect. The use of mirrors helps reflect and bounce natural light along the ground floor and first floor. The colourful faux doors add a focal point along the stairs and the delightful little framed quotes perk up the upstairs sitting area. It’s quaint with attention paid to finer details.


The juice bar has a vast variety of health drinks, juices and teas served around the clock. The juices are fresh and the teas are delightful, strong but not overpowering and yet well-tempered. The staple healthy options for breakfast served from Friday to Monday are what truly pulls me many a Monday mornings to sit and enjoy a good banter with family or friends. We laugh, chit-chat, joke, sip our juices and teas over the yummy food and creations that keep emerging at a decent pace since everything is made from scratch and the taste truly super fresh. Their ever expanding menu to me is an absolute delight as each time I’ve visited; they’ve added something new for me to try.


To be honest, the Eggs Marinara with Fresh Mozzarella are fluffy and splendidly flavoured. The TG Garden Bowl is something I would expect to find in an exclusive health café abroad with generous servings of quinoa, pulses, baby spinach, carrot shavings, berries and nuts, made from scratch sausages, halloumi cheese amongst other healthy ingredients and all to be doused in honey mustard and/or balsamic mustard dressings. My personal favourite savoury breakfast and a feast for the eyes is the Egg and Beet Florentine. It is an explosion of colour on your plate and yet so exceptionally flavoured. The beauty of the dish is that all the textures that you come across have so many ingredients, yet none overpower the others and are well balanced. I am also rather fond of their K’s Signature Brunch Stack with grilled potatoes, cheesy fluffy scrambled eggs, spicy marinara and feats cheese amongst other ingredients. The Pink Smoothie has powerful antioxidants and rich nutrients, no artificial sweetening and goodness of granola, coconut milk with chia seeds and berry yogurt layers with banana slices and with basil and honey on top. For those who count each and every calorie, this is a dish from paradise! I save my ultimate favourite for last: The Sunshine in a Bowl which is sinfully delectable and just the right kind of indulgence even if you’re on a diet. The custard is topped with mango puree, sprinkled with oats, raisins, pistachios and peach or apple slices and a pretty flower on the side. Bite after bite, it just gets better.


Bearing in mind that it’s a first of its kind venture by a health conscious couple Faraze and Babar Hameed, who are still settling into their new business endeavour, the food tastes refreshingly different. Compared to all the other greasy or fast food joints serving breakfast, I rather like the charming slow paced, fresh gourmet vibe of ThandaGaram. It reminds me of European breakfasts at picturesque cafes with beautiful cobbled streets as far as the eye can see and while loitering one catches a health juice or meal, enjoying the air and culture.


Places like ThandaGaram demand a level of patience from the consumer as nothing is precooked and they expect you to sit, enjoy and chat as they serve you great gourmet treats from their exclusive menu, making it a whole visual, olfactory and gustatory experience. Such snippets of moments caught in time make memories. Here’s wishing them luck!