Health/Sci-TechVolume 12 Issue # 13

Tuscany Courtyard- Lahore: A Foodie’s Review

Lahoris are always excited and enthusiastic about dining out, at any given time of the day. Our food is extremely important to us, and we always make sure that we are served with the most delicious food. Thus, when we heard that Islamabad’s most loved and popular eatery Tuscany Courtyardhad opened its doors in Lahore, we couldn’t contain our excitement and decided to pay the eatery a visit.

The exterior of the restaurant has the ambience of an actual courtyard. And the interiors of the restaurant gave out the vibes of a vintage Italian villa. We were well pleased by the atmosphere that the eatery offered. Now coming to the most important part of my trip to Tuscany Courtyard, their much-loved and famous cuisine. Their menu offers a range of different entrees, but their Italian food is touted to be the best in Pakistan. Hence, we ordered a thin crust Frutti Della Terra pizza, and their most famous pasta the Fettuccine Alfredo. Upon the arrival of the food we were amazed by the flawless presentation of the entrees placed in front of us. My friend and I decided to share our main courses, so we could both try the different entrees.

Starting off with the pizza, I must say that the pizza was perfectly baked and crispy, like the authentic Italian pizza, and was topped with the finest cheese, artichokes, mushrooms, and sundried tomatoes. Their thin crust pizza is definitely a ten on ten from me. Coming to the pasta, their “homemade” pasta sauce was extremely rich, creamy and delicious. Topped with fresh basil leaves their pasta is every foodie’s dream come true.

My overall experience at the Tuscany Courtyard was extremely pleasant and I highly recommend everyone to give the place a try.