You ViewsVolume 13 Issue # 17

Israel’s confession

THE recent admission by Israel of destroying the suspected Syrian nuclear facility in 2007 is another ominous sign of the dangers inherent in the fragile Middle East political landscape.

Now a new and more worrying dimension is the decision by US President Donald Trump to appoint John Bolton as his national security adviser. Bolton, a former US envoy to the UN, was an unremorseful supporter of removing Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein.

Till this day, Iraq has been unable to recover completely from that disastrous military aggression. So could Iran be possibly the next target of Bolton given the strained Saudi-Iran relations over the conflict in Yemen?

The Trump administration has openly opposed the nuclear deal between the West and Iran. Washington’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the Israeli capital has further inflamed the situation.

With no love lost between Israel and Iran and the growing nexus between Washington and Riyadh under the current Saudi leadership, it is widely believed that the release of an Israeli video is a strong message to Iran. Israel in the past had destroyed Iraqi nuclear reactor in a daring aerial operation.

Now equipped with the state-of-the-art stealth F-35 warplanes, it is believed that Israel has the capability to strike at the Iranian nuclear facilities using possibly Saudi air space.

This setting could occur any time in the future with the blessing of the Trump administration.

Fawad Hashmey